2024 NEWS

Whatever Happened To BSA Motorcycles? (slashgear.com)

From SlashGear online magazine, March 9, 2024. Opening paragraph:

History has been tough on many major motorcycle companies, with some that have enjoyed true greatness experiencing financial difficulties that forced an untimely end to production. These include Vincent, makers of the legendary Black Shadow; Laverda, the marque behind the Jota, which was the fastest production motorcycle in the late 1970s; and the classic brands Norton and Indian, both of which were brought back to life, having ceased production in the new millennium. However, none of these experienced such a spectacular fall from grace as BSA.

Read More: https://www.slashgear.com/1531877/whatever-happened-to-bsa-motorcycles-history/

2023 NEWS

First opened in 2015 in London, Bike Shed Moto Co. expanded to Downtown L.A.. “It’s a mecca for moto-culture, serving Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, & Dinner, with a fresh modern American & European menu, full bar, great coffee, craft beers & cocktails, and everything in between. Our 325-seat restaurant, cafe, bar & lounge is integrated into our huge multi-brand retail space, complete with barbershop and tattoo studio. Dining spaces range from indoor and outdoor cafe tables, casual lounge sofas, to leather-clad dining booths and a private dining room. We don’t limit you to 90-minute seatings. Come and hang! Booking is recommended but not required. We always leave room for walk-ins.”

The SoCal Norton Owners’ Club, whose calendar includes a visit there on February 17, 2024, praised it: “Excellent food, drinks, apparel and motorcycles…what could be better?!”

Cars park for free on Industrial Street, or in the on-site parking lot on weekday daytimes. Paid car parking is on Mill & Industrial for evenings & weekends ($10 max). Free motorcycle parking on-site every day.

For more information, visit Bike Shed Moto Co. USA.

2022 NEWS

BSA Gold Star “Motocycle” News: Not much news for the USA, but BSA has begun a partnership with Peugeot to distribute bikes in Europe. Here’s some of the press release. “BSA Motorcycles has reached yet another significant milestone in the revival of the iconic British brand as it partners with Peugeot Motocycles for the European distribution of the new Gold Star. In 2021, after a tantalizing 50-year wait, BSA launched the Gold Star, its first new model following the acquisition by Classic Legends, a subsidiary of the Mahindra Group. A sister company to BSA in the Mahindra group, Peugeot Motocycles was established in 1898 and has a long and rich history as the oldest manufacturer of motorcycles. A strong established network of dealerships across Europe and the affinity in history and values made them the natural choice for the European distribution partner of BSA.”

Note that the original Indian company also used the “Motocycle” moniker.

Click here for a little Norton News.  “Norton Motorcycles Will Not Produce Affordable Atlas Bikes After All”

2021 NEWS

50th Anniversary Showing of “On Any Sunday” in Temecula!  The newly newly re-mastered On Any Sunday 50th is playing in Temecula at the AMC “Temecula 10” on Wednesday October 20, 2021 at 7:30 pm. Tickets (with service fee) are about $17.50 each. They need to round up about 30 more ticket sales before they will commit to the show, and only then will your card be charged. We hope that many of you can make it, but if you can’t, please copy/forward the links to others that can help make this happen. If you go, don’t forget to wear your BSA club hat, shirt, or something British. LOL! 😊  Movie Info: The Film – On Any Sunday 50th  Reserve/Purchase Tickets:  On Any Sunday at the Temecula 10 – Gathr Films

On Any Sunday is 50 Years Old!  Motorcycle Classics Magazine published this nice little piece on a movie favorite: On Any Sunday: More than a Film — A Game Changer for Motorcycling | Motorcycle Classics

BSA in the movies: Many Netflix viewers have been watching the hit series “Peaky Blinders,” which is a racy, action-packed series about a Birmingham street gang that starts with a heist of Lewis machine guns from the BSA factory and the efforts by the crown to find the perpetrators of this serious crime. The series continues with the gang’s efforts to build their criminal enterprise while planning (or warding off) attacks on rival gangs and eluding the police.  This crime drama is based on the real gang that existed in the early 1900s and is not for the faint of heart. For the curious, “Peaky” refers to their “Peaked Flat Caps,” and “Blinders” is a term for fancy clothes.

BSA on Amazon Prime Video: Bill Findiesen sent us this information on a BSA video and says “I just watched it and it covers everything very well. Done in 1999, which didn’t seem that long ago, it has some of the greats on tape.” I just watched it and I concur with Bill’s recommendation. Note: You need to have an Amazon Firestick or Amazon Prime account. https://www.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B07TJQZ2BN/ref=atv_dp_share_r_em_aae59778e9eb4

More Good News: Your local Costco may now have a free tire inflation station at their location, where you can inflate your car or motorcycle tires with Nitrogen. One benefit of Nitrogen is that the molecule is larger than air and won’t pass thru your tires (or tubes) as quickly, ensuring longer periods between services. Of course, you still need to check those tires at regular intervals, as you still have remaining air in your tires, which is hard to eliminate without deflating or vacuuming it out.

2020 NEWS

BSAOCSC NEWS: 12-31-20 Today’s Cycle Coverage: Breaking Vintage News! (click here)

BSAOCSC NEWS: 10-2-20 TJM Promos: Customer Spotlight (click here)

2020 Calendar Notes: Due to COVID, changing conditions and unknown restrictions for the foreseeable future, we regret that we cannot be confident with the posted event dates. We will make every effort to reach out through emails and website updates one or two weeks prior to OUR posted events.  We strongly encourage you verify the posted date before attending any event.

Breaking News: Discussions are underway in the events department for 2021 rides, and how to hold them safely. Hopefully, COVID vaccines will start soon and dispel the fear, and let the world return to “normal.”  For now, please continue to practice social distancing to protect yourselves and your friends and families.

Bobcat Fire: We’re happy to report that our hard-working firefighters were able to save Eddie and Jodi Mulder’s home last month. The fire got closer than you could imagine and destroyed many of their neighbors’ homes. Fortunately, the Mulder’s had good brush clearance, which made all the difference for the firefighters. 

This one hurts: I’m sorry to report that Douglas Motorcycles in San Bernardino is ceasing operations. Art Guilfoil and his crew have been wonderful friends to our BSA Club and will be sorely missed. For many years, Douglas has been the launch point of our Big Bear Street Rides. I know all of us who have been to the shop wish Art and his crew success in all future endeavors.

International BSA Rally Meeting: On Nov. 5th, your club’s International Secretary attended a BSA International Delegates Zoom meeting. These are the people that decide where the next BSA International Rallies will be held. There is not much to share, except (for many virus-related reasons) the 2020 Czech Rally was not as well attended as it should have been.

Here is the latest on rally locations:  2021 Int. BSA Rally will be July 10th – 17th in Sigmaringen Germany.

 The other proposed International Rallies will be:

  • 2022-Belgium (It will be the UK Club’s 40th anniversary),
  • 2023-South Australia
  • 2024-Norway
  • 2025-Denmark
  • 2026-New Zealand
  • 2027-TBD
  • 2028-UK (70th anniversary).

Contact your Club Secretary if you need more information on attending the 2021 German Rally.

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