The BSAOCSC is mainly a Classic Motorcycle Club. We are supposed to be dedicated to the preservation and operation of Classic Motorcycles, mainly the BSA marque.  That said, most of us own mainly Triumph motorcycles, and BSAs, which are probably in the minority. Other marques are present also, Norton, Matchless, AJS, Ariel, to name a few.

     I was looking on our Facebook page the other day, and noticed some photos taken by Sandi. Great photos of the Al Baker Dual Sport Ride. While looking at the photos, I noticed that one photo of the group appeared to be of a Japanese Dual Sport Riding Club, as I at first did not see any British bikes. I then noticed Jim Wilson, and Sandi Bilewitch had their Triumph Motorcycles there, and Sandi’s is a pre-unit. I don’t remember seeing any other British bikes. Some of our Clubmen riders, older than me, are experts on British machines. One I recall is Eddie Crowell. He rides an AJS 650 twin in the dirt.  At over 80, he is still going strong, and lots faster than me.

     How about Jim and Sandi?  Two more experts off road riders, not to mention great Clubmen. Mike Haney. He rides some really nice off road British bikes, and he is also an expert. He does a lot for the Club, putting on the dual sport rides.

     Got me wondering just what our club has turned into? A Japanese dirt bike club? I didn’t like that, although I own a 76 Yamaha XT500.  I admit that I rode it on one of our Big Bear Rides a couple of years ago, but at that time had no operational British dirt bike. So….what to do? A few Club members, not mentioning names, have expressed a desire to have at least the Dual Sport rides limited to British Iron. While I think that is a good idea, I also am quite painfully aware that British machines do break down occasionally. Usually at the wrong time. When this happens, and there is no back up British bike, I see no problem with a Japanese substitute. Especially if it, like my XT is 40 years old, and is quite similar to a AJS, Matchless, or Triumph.

     I also have noticed some British dirt bikes with upgrades: Japanese style plastic fenders, late model forks, trick shocks, plastic tank, Japanese front wheel, etc. They all, however have British engines.  I like those mods. Ok, I won’t say anything negative about 2016 Japanese dirt bikes when your Brit bike is in need of repairs. We want our Club members to participate in these off road rides, and not stay home just because their Brit bike is not running, and they don’t want to show up on a Japanese dirt bike. Let’s not lose track of what this Club was founded for: The preservation and operation of British Motorcycles.  We will discuss this topic at the next Directors meeting following the Swap meet later in May. Let’s hear from the rank and file of our members, as to what they think the policy should be. Remember: This BSAOCSC is YOUR Club, and we as Directors want to do the right thing that most all the Club members want, and what is the best for our Club.

Burt Barrett

BSAOCSC President Burt Barrett